Free Images For Website Use

With the increase in the number of free image download sites, obtaining a picture for your website is no longer an expensive affair. Unlike before, you can get any images including animal and love pictures. Hence, you do not have an excuse to publish a dry content that has no photos.

However, not all images you download will fit where you want to fix them. Some are large size while others are tiny. In this essence, you need to edit your images to ensure your content is presentable and good-looking. Here are the top tools to help you accomplish the editing objective:

a)    Lunapic

Lunapic is one of the leading free image editing tools. If you love adding additional drawings on your free images to make them unique, Lunapic allows you to do it. Also, with it, you have an opportunity to add borders to your images to make them smarter.

Furthermore, as technology advances, people are moving to animations. GIFs have become essential image forms. Important to note, Facebook recently added GIFs as part of post publishing.

With this, Lunapic gives you a chance to enjoy the change. The tool allows you to animate your images and save them as GIFs. You can add moving sun and sparkles as well as moving waters animations. Hence, Lunapic enables you to turn your free images into wooing animations and photos.

b)    Fotor

Sometimes you may like to combine several images into a single. The task is somehow impossible with basic photo editing software. In this regard, your worries and desires of combining images into one are satisfied by using Fotor.

Fotor is a free online based image editing platform that allows you to combine three images into one. The good thing about this platform is that it helps you to have high dynamic range features on your images giving you the best quality. Also, if you want additional features, you can subscribe to the pro option at only $3.33/month.

c)    PicMonkey

If Fotor and Lunapic are not your tests, you have a choice of trying PicMonkey.  Like Fotor, PicMonkey is an online image editing platform with free and paid options.  The platform allows you to add text to your photos.

Hence, if you want to assume that the person in the image is saying something, PicMonkey is your editing tool. Also, some images have areas with wrinkles and blemish. PicMonkey gives you a chance to clear such issues and come up with the best images.

Now, you know which tools to use in editing your free images for website use. Go and implement.


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